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What is Milnarnians?Edit

MILNARNIANS! is an RPG based off of a true story of a class of 27 gifted children. In the game, you play as the 28th. Though it is the first day of gifted school for everyone, all the kids seem to know each other and everything about the school, except for you. And at recess, people seem to disappear behind the unused portable wall. You know they aren't allowed past the boundary, but you can't help but follow them. You try to sneak up on someone to ask them what they're doing, but they walk right under the back stairs And disappear in a puff of purple smoke. And so you follow. You feel yourself being transported into a new world, and you appear in a colourful kingdom in the sky known as Milnarnia. You see all 27 of your classmates there, and you decide to look around until you are called to the castle. The king, Hukkamah announces you as the 28th Milnarnian, and you are invited to learn more about the kingdom. It is all fun and games until a huge black cloud passes by and the queen of darkness, also known as Lord Sreyems, captures king Hukkamah and all of the Milnarnians, except for you. Nothing like this has ever happened before, and it's up to you and your class to save your king and your friends. Edit

In MILNARNIANS! you must save everyone by saving your classmates in each of their own smaller kingdoms between Milnarnia and the land of Darkness, Sreyem's kingdom. In each kingdom, there will be several quests you must complete to save them, each requiring different levels of intelligence and power which you must gain in the real world. And once you complete the quests, the Milnarnian is released and available in the real world to befriend. Once befriended, that classmate will fight alongside you to save Milnarnia. Edit

But no one said it would be easy. You will have to defeat monsters of all shapes and sizes and work hard in the real wold to accumulate enough reputation to stay alive and gain advantages over dark lord Sreyems. Edit

Welcome to MILNARNIANS! Edit

Characters and Attacks Edit

Character number, First name, Last name, Nickname. Edit

1. Abby Au, Ibby Edit

Description: Born into a wealthy family, uses her riches to fund and fight for the Milnarnian cause.

Melee: Laptop Slap

Slaps opponent, then hits them twice with bright pink laptop. Slap does 5, laptop does 20, 50% each. Attack takes 3.5 seconds, and cooldown is 2 seconds.

Ranged: Explosive coins

Tosses 2 to 5 AOE coins in a spray that explode and do 10 AOE. Attack takes 2.5 seconds, and cooldown is 10 seconds.

Special: Crush

All of their stats of 1 male character are doubled for 10 seconds. Can only be used on 1 character every level. Takes 45 seconds to recharge.

Buff: Eat a persimmon

Takes out a persimmon from her pocket and eats it. Next attack from enemy does 0 damage, and combat stats are increases by 20% for 20s. Takes 3 seconds, and cooldown is 20s (after ability wears off).


Takes bell out of pocket, rings clearly. Butler appears instantly, and releases a spray of 50 bullets each at all enemies, which do 20 damage each. 30 dead enemies required to activate this.

Affiliations: Edit


2. Owen Brohman, Browen Edit

Melee: Let it Blow

3. Ethan Chiang, Smatty Edit

4. Sydn Edit

ey Eichenberg,

5. Lucas Ferry, Edit

6. Macy Johnston, Edit

7. Min-A Jung, Minae Edit


       Melee: Scissors stabEdit

Pulls bloody scissors out of pocket, smiles, dashes at an enemy and stabs them. 50% chance of hitting stomach (10 damage), 30% chance of hitting neck (12 damage), 19% chance of hitting lungs (15 damage), 1% chance of hitting heart (50 damage!), the attack takes 1 second, the cooldown is 1 second.

       Ranged: Meep summoningEdit

Summons a Magic Meep, which chases after the nearest enemy and deals 20 damage to it, after which it dies. Summoning takes 3 seconds, cooldown is 5 seconds

       Special: TextingEdit

Texts a random Asian ally, who appears for 5 seconds and attacks, using their normal attack. The texting takes 2 seconds, and the cooldown is 10 seconds.

       Buff: Blood drinkEdit

Min-A stabs herself with her scissors and drinks her own blood, loses a specific amount of HP and STL is increased by the same amount, speed is increased by 50% and cooldowns are reduced by 20%. Takes 9 seconds, the cooldown is 30 seconds.

       ULTIMATE ABILITY: Min-Mina-MinaeEdit

Min-A creates 3 clones of herself, Min, Mina, and Minae. All 3 of them attack with scissors, slicing and jabbing the enemy to bits. 50 damage to each enemy. 37 enemies must be killed to activate this ability.

8. Emma Ka, Makaw Edit

9. Alex Karachok, Xalex Edit

       Melee: Whack with pickaxeEdit

Takes out pickaxe, smashes twice with hammer end and one finishing blow with pick end, hammer deals 10 and pick deals 15. The attack takes 2.5 seconds, the cooldown is 1 second.

       Range: Throw rockEdit

Throws random rock (out of 10 different) from his pocket, throws it at the nearest enemy for a damage of 5-30. The attack takes 1.5 seconds, the cooldown is 0.5 seconds.

       Special: PaintEdit

Takes paintbrush and whips different paint colours at enemies, each having a different effect.

Colour Effect
Red 30 dmg
Orange Fire, 5 dmg/second for 6 seconds 
Yellow AOE, 15 dmg to all enemies in radius
Green Acid puddle, -50% of all stats excluding HP (Lasts 5 seconds)
Blue Freeze for 5 seconds
Purple Blast back 8m, stun for 3 seconds.

Attack takes 2 seconds, cooldown is 5

       Buff: Weird hood-hat thingyEdit

Puts on his weird hood-hat thingy, which glows for 10 seconds. For those seconds, speed doubles and he gains 10 HP. Once the effect wears off, you can leave it on, but it will stop glowing and giving you effects. Cooldown (For effects) is 15 seconds.

Easter egg: When you become friends with him, his locker creeks open for 3 seconds, and you can take his hood-hat thingy and wear it. During this, time stops and you can go around the school, and all your stats are increased by 10,000%. But once you take it off, everything goes back to normal.

       ULTIMATE ABILITY: Dromeda TransformEdit

After a large burst of light, he turns into DROMEDA!! You now have a new moveset, your HP is doubled, and you can fly, but only for 30 seconds. 50 dead enemies required to activate this.


       Melee: Radiation slicerEdit

You wield a large double-sided radiated boomerang, which you can either throw or slice with. Throw takes 2 seconds, deals 30 damage to all enemies it hits, then comes back like a boomerang dealing 15 damage per hit, cooldown is 3 seconds. Slice takes 1 second, and deals 50 damage, the cooldown is 0.01 seconds.

       Range: Forearm LaunchersEdit

Two mini-rocket launchers sit on Dromeda's forearms. Each rocket deals 35 damage per hit, if you shoot the ground, the rocket explodes dealing 10 damage to all enemies within a 2m radius. Shoots 1 rocket every second, the cooldown is 0.01 seconds.

       Special: Incinerator beamEdit

Shoots a large beam from his core, dealing 5 damage on a 0.15 second interval for 5 seconds. You can use this attack only once.

       Buff: Jet bootsEdit

Dromeda takes off into the sky with his jet boots for 5 seconds. While flying, ARM is 100%, but you cannot attack. The cooldown is 5 seconds.

10. Carson Kondrat, Edit

11. Nathan Lee, Natan Edit

12. Leah Lim-Tran, LLT23 Edit

13. Alec Lopez, Edit

14. Emma Luk, Sulamme Edit

15. Oliver Mao, Edit


16. Giulia Nozella, Gub-Gub Nutella Edit

17. Ivan Obad, Edit

18. Sarah O'Brien, Edit

19. Isabella Richards, Edit

20. Joshua Schmitchen, Edit

21. Olivia Rouse, Edit

22. Nolan Smyth, Nalon Edit

Melee: Book slap Edit

Takes hardcover book out of his pocket, and can now whack enemies upside the head dealing 10 damage. Revealing book takes 2 seconds, attack takes 1 second per slap, when Nolan uses another attack, the book is automatically put away, resulting in a 6 second cooldown.

Ranged: Yo-yo whip Edit

Pulls out yo-yo and quickly whips closest enemy dealing 5 damage per whip. The attack takes 0.5 seconds and the cooldown is 0.5 seconds.

Special: DnD Edit

Magically summons a DnD Dungeon master screen and book, then summons a small army of 10 goblins from the book. Summoning takes 4 seconds, cooldown is 45 seconds.

Goblins: Edit

Each goblin has 8 HP and is equipped with a club. One hit deals 5 damage, and can hit every 2 seconds. Their speed is 1.5m/s, and will automatically fade away after 25 seconds.

Buff: Insult Edit

Nolan points at a random enemy and screams a random insult at them. Doing this deals 5 damage to the enemy and gives you 20 extra HP, all other combat stats are brought up by 15% for 10 seconds. Insult takes 2 seconds, cooldown is 18 seconds.

ULTIMATE ABILITY: Asier Transform Edit

After a large burst of light, he turns into ASIER!! You now have a new moveset, your HP is doubled, but only for 35 seconds. 48 dead enemies required to activate this.


Melee: Radiation slicer Edit

You thrust forward with your metal fist, punching the nearest enemy, dealing 50 damage and knocking them back 2m. Attack takes 1.5 seconds, cooldown is 2 seconds.

Range: Gunarm Edit

You unleash your superweapon mounted on your arm which automatically aims, shooting 5 bullets per second to which enemy you choose enemy, each dealing 10 damage for 5 seconds. Cooldown is 2.5 seconds.

Special: Liquid bomb Edit

You charge your liquid bomb tank, implanted in your arm. After 1 second of charging, you spew out a stream of deadly black liquid that explodes on impact. For every second the stream is in one spot, the liquid accumulates and explodes in an AOE of 2m all around, dealing 30 damage to every enemy in its radius. Charge takes 1 second, attack takes 4 seconds, cooldown is 3 seconds.

Buff: Stop time Edit

You stop time, also pausing your limited time of your transformation, and can walk 10m in any direction. You cannot attack in this time, though. Once you attack, time keeps going. You can only do this once during your Ultimate.

23. Elliot Vaillant, Edit

24. Noah Vaillant, Noar Edit

25. Adam Vanek, Adamame Edit

26. Alyssa Wallace, Edit

27. Tyler Yoo, Tyoo Edit

Character StatsEdit



1 Abby 105 78 12% 9 2 34
7 Min-A 25 58 2% 49 4 11
9 Alex 70 72 8% 33 3 42
22 Nolan 95 68 10%

Story and Gameplay Edit


[]=cutscene, {}=Tutorial/Instructions, “”=Your name



Opening scene Edit

[Picture of a letter, flying down to in front of you. Text reads “Your child is gifted!] Edit

[Scene of hand putting pictures of old friends into frames.] Edit

{Hi! Welcome to MILNARNIANS!} Edit

{You should probably make your character appearance now.} Edit

{Character maker + personality test} Edit



Tutorial Edit

[Eyelids opening, Mom at edge of your bed] Edit

Mom: Rise and shine! It’s the first day of school, and you don’t want to be late!! Edit

{Move mouse to look around, WASD to walk - Walk to closet} Edit

{Left click to grab/ put something to put into your inventory - Grab clothes} Edit

[Clothes appear in your inventory] Edit

{Mouse scroll to choose item in inventory, Right click to use item in inventory - Put on clothes} Edit

[Magically, your clothes instantly replace your pajamas.] Edit

Mom: “”, Come down for breakfast! Edit

{Walk to door} Edit

{L Shift to use items that are out of your inventory, like doors - Open door, and walk out} Edit

{Walk downstairs to dining room, left click to eat breakfast} Edit

[Shows energy meter on side of screen] Edit

{Keep your energy up, or you will…Not be able to do better attacks. Doing normal attacks will bring energy down by 0.001% } Edit

Mom: Hurry up or you’ll be late! Edit

{Go to entrance, grab backpack} Edit

[Minimap of the house appears on bottom-right corner, highlighting entrance in blue, with arrow pointing to it.] Edit

{Right click backpack when inventory, and extra inventory slots will appear, but only when backpack is selected} Edit

{Go to the door} Edit

Mom: Oh my God! You’re late! I’ll have to drive you, “”. This certainly won’t make a good first impression on everyone. Oh well… You’ll be on the bus tommorow! Edit



[Superviser is there at the front of the school] Edit

Superviser: ugh,  You must be the new kid here. Just go to the back and go meet your teacher there. NOW GO!! GO NOW!! JUST DON’T GO BEHIND THE PORTABLES!! Edit

{Walk to back of the school} Edit

{Find Mrs. Milner by using the picture of her that magically appeared on the corner of the screen} Edit

Mrs. Milner: Oh, hello!! You’re the new kid, “”!! Welcome to my class!! Edit

[1 Milnarnian lifts their head, points at you and says:] Edit

Random Milnarnian: Hey, it’s them!! Edit

[Some Milnarnians rush over to say hi] Edit

Random: Hi! I’m _____! Nice to meet you!! Edit

[Bell rings and everyone goes inside to class] Edit

Mrs. Milner: Hello everyone!! As you know, I am your teacher Mrs. Milner, and welcome to the Gifted Grade Six class!! Now just a refreshment from last year, let’s go around and say our names, so we can remember a bit better. Edit

[All Milnarnians say their names in order and you are last] Edit

You: My name is “”! Edit

Mrs. Milner: We are going to have a LOT of fun this year!! I will now be handing out your math textbooks, and when you get yours, open to page 22. Edit

{Open to page 22 with arrow keys - Magnifying glass icon appears} Edit

{To earn knowledge, you must take time to study from your textbooks. (Number of Knowledge points appears on screen) If you click the magnifying glass, a red bar appears in the middle of the screen, and slowly turns green. (30 seconds) After completely green, it goes away, and you see your knowledge goes up by 10.} Edit

[Bell rings] Edit

Mrs. Milner: Alright! Page 22 is due tomorrow, although I’m sure most of you are already finished, now go have fun at Mil…- I mean… recess! Heh-heh... Edit



At first recess Edit

[Shows doors, and all Milnarnians run out, and they seem to be looking for something… or someone…] Edit

[One of the tallest in your class who appears to be the Leader comes running up to you] Edit


[You just shrug and go with the flow, but you notice they’re going behind the portable] Edit

You: Wait… w- we’re not allowed to go behind the portable… Th- the teacher said. Edit

Random: Oh, that’s just for the regulars. We’re gifted, and you are too! We’re allowed! C’mon! Edit

Random: Shout if you find the switch, guys. Edit

Random: Oh, “”! The switch to activate the portal is over here! Edit

[Reaches through a tiny gap under a boulder and flips a switch] Edit

Random: Only flip the switch when no one is looking… Edit

[You nod and go behind the portable, and hop into the portal that is under the stairs, closes after last Milnarnian goes through] Edit

At Milnarnia 1st time Edit

[You look around, and you are on a tiny island located very high in the sky. You turn around, and see a long bridge behind you.] Edit

{Go across the bridge to Main island.} Edit

[Shows an amazing cut scene of the main Milnarnian island, showing everything there is] Edit

{Go exploring until you reach the Milnarnian courtyard, where the Milnarnians are waiting.} Edit

Alex: Oh hey! Edit

Nolan: We’ve been waiting for you! Edit

Nathan: Welcome to Milnarnia!!!!!!! Edit

[Oliver comes up with nerd glasses and tells you all about Milnarnia] Edit

Sydney: How about we show you around the island? Edit

{Answer yes or no} Edit

                    If yes: Edit

Giulia: Ok let’s go! Edit

                    If no: Edit

Nathan: Too F-ing bad. Still gonna make you. Edit

Milnarnian Tour Edit



[Amazing transition to a bird’s eye view of the meeting place] Edit

Owen: So… This is the meeting place, which is where… Well, we have meetings. If there’s anything important you need to know,  just come here and start a meeting! Edit

[All walk over to the marketplace] Edit

Sydney: … Edit

Lucas.... Edit

Macy: ... Edit

Nathan: …(Abby! Go!)... Edit

Abby: ...Oh! This is the marketplace. If you ever get stuff that you want to buy, or sell, there’s usually people around here at recess. Edit

[Cutscene view of all shops, Abby provides short description for each.] Edit

Abby: And yeah! That’s pretty much it! Edit

[Ethan points to bulletin board in distance] Edit

Ethan: That’s the message board. Sometimes people are either unable, or unwilling do get certain things for themselves.  They’ll post a notice up there, and if you do it, they’ll pay you if you give it to them. Edit

[Bell rings in distance.] Edit

Josh: Crud! We’ve gotta go back. Edit

Alex: We’ll finish the tour, she’ll understand. Edit

Alec: I don’t wanna risk it. Edit

[Abby, Owen, Ethan, Sydney, Lucas, Macy, Mina, Makaw, Carson, Nathan, Leah, Alec, Emma, Oliver, Ivan, Sarah, Isabella, Olivia, Josh, Elliot, Noah, Adam, Alyssa, and Tyler go back] Edit

Isabella: I’ll tell Mrs. Milner where you are. Edit

Giulia: Thanks.. [to you] Well, looks like it’s just us 4 now. Edit

[Show around all 28 skylands] Edit


Giulia: So each of us owns our own skyland, and then there are the 2 main ones we’ve shown you. And that over there…… Edit


Nolan: That island used to be the fortress. Then…. Alex: Sreyems took over. We’ve been trying to take it back for almost 6 months. Edit


Giulia: Sorry, “”. It’s a difficult topic for us. Edit


{Mrs. Milner runs up} Edit


Mrs. Milner: OH MY GOSH! There you guys are! Edit


Nolan: Didn’t Isabella tell you where we were? Mrs. Milner: No… Nobody came. Edit


Giulia: Hmm… Sreyems must of captured them Edit

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